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It was 1938, dad was repairing a fence post on our small farm to keep our cow from running loose. It began to rain and dad   became soak and wet; I remember mom calling him to come into the house. A few days later he was setting in front of the coal stove located in middle of our living room. He had a blanket over his shoulders and his feet in warm water. Mom had given him a glass of warm wine to help lower his fever. He had caught pneumonia and became deathly ill.   Dad died a few days later on May 31 1938. Our family lost  everything including our cow which mom sold to a neighbor. Shortly after his death we moved to the city to be near relatives.

On January 31 1941, Cousin Domenic and his friend Frankie began sled riding piggyback on a homemade sled down the sidewalk of first street in the city of Campbell,Ohio where our family moved and I grew up as a young boy. The sled was made of  old orange crates. The rungs of the sled had curtain rods nailed to the bottom to give it speed as it glided over the snow. The sled had handle grips that enabled the rider to shift his weight to help glide the sled. It had no moving parts and could not make sharp turns to the left or right such as one made in a factory.

Making your own sled was a common practice, it, was a simple task and easy to do.  Many children unable to afford store bought sleds made their own.  I followed behind Domenic & Frankie on my new sled as we rode down the hill, however before I reached the bottom; I turned off the sidewalk and stopped on First Street, which had been cleared of snow; I knew the sharp turn at the corner of the wall was difficult and dangerous. even with a store bought sled.

As Domenic’s sled approached the bottom of the hill, his friend Frankie rolled off on to the sidewalk when he realized they could not make the sharp turn around the corner.  Domenic, traveling too fast and unable to turn the corner, continued straight into the highway. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my sled came to a stop and I stood up. Domenic was lying in the middle of the highway; his body crushed beyond recognition. I began to cry and scream as I ran toward the corner where this horrifying sight remains with me to this day.  

Cousin Domenic died under the wheels of a Semi-trailer truck loaded with steel. I recall that day very well as I stood there with him and watched as he gave his toy handcuffs to a friend in exchange for the homemade sled that would take him to his death a few minutes later.

The poor truck driver was in shock as he sat in his truck covering his face with his hands. When he finally  got out of the truck, he fell to his knees and began crying. The children began screaming when they watched this tragic event take place.

We would never see or play with Domenic again. It was a day we would all remember for the rest of our lives. The teacher knowing we were cousins asked if I would walk Domenic’s younger brother Frankie, home. Frankie was a year older than I  and we attended school together; he had also watched this terrible accident  happen  

The teachers ushered us into the classrooms and asked to bow our heads in prayer.  Religion was a very important part of the American culture and the right thing to do. I could see the sadness on their little faces, as silence covered the classroom.

Frankie’s dad Bruno and my father Anthony were brothers; I knew how his dad would react when hearing about Domenic’s death.. He was a firm old-fashioned Italian as was my dad, and would show frustration and use profanity rather than cry and show weakness. Later when alone, he world pour his heart out. I knew how upset he would be and was afraid to go inside the house when Frankie told him of the accident. 

My mother was horrified when she heard of Domenic’s death. She was grocery shopping just a few blocks from our home when she heard the news that one of the lentini boys had died in an accident, She began screaming and dropped her groceries’ as she ran from the store.  My brother’s name is also Domenic and our last name is the same. We were often mistaken for brothers.

Each time I visited my cousin’s home, I saw Domenic’s picture hanging on the wall and it reminded me of that grief-stricken winter day.     The site of the accident being visible from our front porch caused much sadness for our family. We moved away from the school shortly after.

      Winter had passed and school closed  for summer vacation. The death of Domenic,  although not forgotten became something of the past. The great depression continued, as families struggled to survive with the little income they could earn

This is one of many stories I recall as a young boy growing up during the Great Depression. It was the year 1941;  The 2nd world war was taking place at the time and America was going through many challenges. Automobile production was ceased and  and did not start up again until 1946, a short time after the war ended.  The government contracted automobile manufactures to built war equipment such as tanks and airplanes.

Women went to work in factories to replace the men who were drafted into the armed forces. The term “Rosie the riveter” appeared on billboards throughout the country.   Young men were drafted as soon as they graduated high school.  Women’s dresses were shortened,   and men’s pant cuffs were eliminated to save on material used for the military.

Sugar and gasoline were rationed as well as tires and other material use in the war. U.S.O, clubs were started to entertain our servicemen while they were away from home.  Camps were set up to retain citizens from other countries considered as enemies of America.I remember many headlines while working my news paper route. Some of such as “JAPAN ATTACKS PEAR HARBOR”, AND “THE WAR IS OVER, AMERICA DROPS ATOMIC BOMB”

 A few years later the Korean war started and I entered the the Air Force at the age seventeen, Fortunately I survived 45 months of the war and returned home safely.  




THE SILK STOCKING BANDITShttp://www.youngstownchronicles.com



  1-Joe Sonkon

This is an interesting story of a city known for its large steel mills and population diversity. It’s a place where immigrants of all nationalities settled at the turn of the 19th century; bringing their cultural talents and ideas with them to fulfill their dreams of making a new life for their families.—- The dignity of this once proud valley was ruined when outside interests such as crime syndicates and mob infiltration into politics took advantage of the valley’s prosperity. Political corruption and violent crime in the valley became a way of life for over 70 years. This regrettably overshadowed the genuine qualities the valley had established during the early days of its growth

During the 1950s into the 1990s, Youngstown made headlines on newspapers all over the country, reporting the violence and unsolved bombings caused by the Cleveland and Pittsburgh gang wars. The city would soon become known as “Boom Town and Murder Town USA” as one Mob Syndicate after another attempted to control the various rackets that took in millions of dollars. Unfortunately, like many large cities, greed, mob influence and political corruption made Youngstown, One of the most violent crime infected cities in the nation. The prosperity created by the steel mills in the Mahoning Valley had all the necessary ingredients for crime syndicates to take advantage of and control local government officials. Gambling, prostitution and policy numbers were illegal operations that operated openly without police interference.

Starting in the early 1930s, one of the major sources of income for the mob was banking policy numbers, better known as the Bug Number, I can still recall as a young boy, when people, such as the postmen, various delivery men and even young paper boys would pick up numbers (they were called runners) from people wanting to take a chance and bet pennies to dollars hoping to be a winner. The payoff was $6.00 for each .01 cent bet or $600.00 for a $1.00. Hourly wages were very low and winning a few dollars for a penny provided funds for many items such as groceries and shoes and clothes.

The bug runners worked for the bank and collected money from various places located throughout the valley. The pickup locations were grocery stores, liquor bars and businesses where people frequently gathered. The money was then turned into a central clearing house called the numbers bank, which was controlled by the mob. Individuals running the banks sorted the numbers, counted the money and ultimately distributed it to the daily winners at the end of the day. The daily receipts turned out to be in the thousands of dollars. The winning number was picked using figures from the daily Stock Market results after it closed for the day.


Sandy Naples Boss of the Youngstown crime mob, during the 1940s into the 1950s

 Gambling was another popular activity that took in money for the mob. This was done under the appearance of Stag Parties, which were usually held at local clubs on weekends, in the Mahoning Valley. They were sponsored by various organizations, of which a number of them were legitimate while others provided a method to make money to bribe the politicians     Gamblers from as far as Cleveland and other surrounding areas attended the stags. A permit was required to sell tickets for all political rallies and other supposedly benevolent organizations.  The process was simply a method of control by local law enforcement to root out those who failed to pay off the officials running the city and county. It alsohelped to monitor income that would be distributed among the judges and others involved including the police

      It was late in the evening; I had won some money while  gambling for a couple of hours and decided it was time to leave. As I started toward the stairway, the sound of gunshot rang out from upstairs; the room became deathly quiet. I stood still for a moment trying to gather my senses when I noticed everyone scrambling to hide their money. It was then I realized, that a robbery was about to take place. I thought to myself, what the hell did I get into, here I am with, a pocket full of money and no way out of the basement. Foolishly thinking I would be  safe I crawled under the dice table and put some of my winnings into a empty paper cup laying on the floor; I   than turned it upside down on the  floorboards covering the concrete floor  around dice table and anxiously waited.

Seconds had passed; I looked up from under the table and saw someone with a silk stocking covering his face and  standing at the top of the stairway . In front of him was a man lying on his back clutching  his leg as though  in pain.  Suddenly the bandit began kicking him until he rolled down the steps and hit the floor next to the dice table. I could see it was one of the door attendants with his pants  soaked with blood. Next to him stood one of the bandits waving a gun and yelling from the top of his lungs , all right you Motherf—kers, empty your pockets on the table and take your clothes off; hurry up, make it fast, he yelled  as he dragged the attendant across the floor to he center of the room. Another of the bandits searched the basement to make sure all the gamblers were within site, unfortunately he  found someone  hiding in the bathroom and ruthlessly pistol whipped him.  The man who was now bleeding from a large gash on his face, was then pushed to the floor alongside the helpless door attendant. The bandits hurriedly gathered their loot and left.

It would be some 30 years later  after returning  to Youngstown, that  I learned who  robbed us that  night of the  stag. It appears one of them was a hit-man by the name of Ray Ferritto from Eire Pennsylvania.   Ferritto was arrested in 1980 for killing Danny Green, the Irish gangster   from a Cleveland mob. Ferritto hearing the Mafia had put  a contract out on him ,went into the Witness  Protection program.    He provided information that broke up the Cleveland Syndicate   and send more than 15 men to prison. He left the protection program after a year and told the FBI that  if the Mafia wanted him they can come and get him. He died in 2004 of natural causes. The mob never came to get him.














Anthony LentiniDeDomenico Lentinime in 1960Scan0005





In the 1937, steel workers in the Mahoning Valley’s went on strike; the newspaper called it the “Little Steel Strike” The major issues at the bargaining table were wages, pensions, and safe working conditions. When the strike shut down the local steel mills, picket lines began to appear, violence erupted causing at least two people to die, and over forty workers were injured.  Ohio National Guard and State Police were called in to protect many of the Steel workers who crossed the picket lines to enter the mills..  During the Great Depreciation, people living in the cities along the Mahoning River suffered severely from the lost of thousands of dollars in wages. In return, the steel unions had become progressively stronger and soon became the precursor to the United Steel Workers of America.

One day during “The little Steel Strike,” My father Anthony Lentini began driving from our farm in to the city of Youngstown. He was to meet with friends and talk about the ongoing steel strike.  He was not aware that I was in the back seat lying on the floor covered with a potato sack. I was four years old at the time and knew he wouldn’t let me go with him because of the violence on the picket lines that had killed a couple of workers and injured many more. As he drove down the country road he noticed the sack moving and without saying a word, he turned the car around and drove back home. I thought I was going to catch the dickens but instead, after a few words of wisdom; he gave me a hug and sent me into the house,

There was always something interesting happening on our farm , I recall dad going into the barn one afternoon and suddenly, our dog came running out, yelping and barking, close behind him was dad swearing and swinging a shovel; he was trying to hit the dog but it ran to fast. I couldn’t understand what had happened ,because dad loved the dog and it was always by his side. I ask mom what was wrong and she said dad couldn’t figure out why he was not getting as much milk as he normally did. until he caught the dog sucking milk from the cow’s teats. Dad had an awful temper ,but a couple of days later he and his dog were friends again.

Spring was here and dad was adding a room onto our small farmhouse to prepare for the birth of my younger sister Antoinette. he noticed  a broken fence post,and immediately began  repairing it to keep our cow from running loose. Suddenly it began to rain and mom made me go into the house. Dad continued working in the rain and a few days later he became sick with pneumonia. I still can see him sitting near the potbelly stove in the center of our small farmhouse with his feet in warm water and a blanket warm wine mother had given him. A week later the doctor realizing dad wasn’t getting any better called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. That was the last time we saw dad alive. He died on May 31 1938 at he age of 42.I recall that day very well when my uncle held me up to kiss dad goodby before they closed his coffin.

I remember many events of my youth but none as sad   as the  death of my father in 1938, the loss of our family farm during the great depression and  the unfortunate memory  of watching my cousin Domenic  die  under wheels of a truck loaded with steel while sled riding in January 1941.  

In my later years I took a trip trip to father’s village in Italy and found many cousins including the information about my Grandfather and Grand Mother. her name was Theresa Vasachi in which my older sister and cousin was named for.






















The end of Democracy…. Unknown to most Americans a, a shadow government is waiting to take over world. Its called“THE NEW WORLD ORDER.” It is comprised of billionaires from all over the world. It includes George Soros and  a group of billionaires that meet in Brussels Germany each year and make decisions on what is necessary to dissolve the U.S. constitution  and take control of our government. They are part of  the  police state in Washington, which is controlling  the U.S Government. If this happens it will make our President a figure-head, who will no longer make decisions as a leader of the free world.

Free speech will cease and Newspapers will be limited to what news is printed. Social Media such as Face book,tweeter and Google will be suppressed and  and controlled. Facial recognition is being tested in schools using cameras  to supposedly protect our children but instead will be used as a a means of surveillance and control.  Voting will not be recognized and human rights will be limited.

The FBI already has millions of photographs and will continue to gather more under the guise of being a tool  to catch criminals.  Many of the Democrats and Republicans do not know the truth about the people they vote for. Fake news is told to  tell you a different story about the politicians and are trying to convince the public to vote for the existing deep state.

Trump has all the money he needs ,and has taken the job because he loves this country. He does not need the abuse he takes each time he opens his mouth. Trump uses “Tweeter” because he distrusts the media’s fake news  and wants to speak directly to the public. He has made progress on all of the issues he ran for. He disrupted the Deep State Establishment because he will not be a part of their campaign to introduce The New World Order. He too is fed up with our government and the corruption that takes place in Washington. That is why he is hated and they want him to be impeached.

George H. Bush mentioned the coming of the N.W.O during a speech shortly after his election many years ago.  Bush was a member of the Builder-burg and attended their meetings, Bush’s father, an American, was one of the bankers which provided funds for Hitler during the war. Obama,  because he hated America; was behind the attempt to destroy the Trump Election in order to let  H. Clinton win and continue with his socialistic tactics. Fortunately he failed . The impeaching process is also failing. 

 “wake up America”   vote against the left  who are saying they will give you everything free.



 Wikimedia Foundation:

           Allied Powers and the Japanese Emperor signed the “Instrument of Surrender” aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2 1945. World War II was officially over.               

We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the Allied Powers of the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters and of all Japanese Armed Forces and all Armed Forces under Japanese control wherever situated.We, acting by command of and on behalf of the Emperor of Japan, the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, hereby accept the provisions in the declaration issued by the heads of the government of the United States, China and Great Britain 26 July 1945 at Potsdam, and subsequently adhered to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, which four powers are hereafter referred to as the Allied Powers.

We hereby command all Japanese wherever situated and the Japanese people to cease hostilities fort with, to preserve and save from damage all ships, aircraft, and military and civil property, and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers or by agencies of the Japanese Government at his direction.

 We hereby command the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to issue at once orders to the commanders of all Japanese Forces and all forces under Japanese control wherever situated to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control.

We hereby command all civil, military, and naval officials to obey and enforce all proclamations, orders and directives deemed by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to be proper to effectuate this surrender and issue by him or under his direction; and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to continue to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority

 We hereby undertake for the Emperor  , the Japanese Government and their successors to carry out the provisions of the Potsdam Declaration in good faith, and to issue whatever orders and take whatever action by the Supreme commander for the Allied Powers or by any other designated representative of the Allied Powers for the purpose of giving effect to the that declaration.

 We hereby command the Japanese Imperial Government and the Japanese Imperial Headquarters at once to liberate all Allied Prisoners of War and civilian internees now under Japanese control and to provide for their protection, care, maintenance, and immediate transportation to p[aces as directed.     

The authority of the Emperor and the Japanese Government to rule the state shell be subject to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers ,who as he deems proper to effectuate this terms of surrender,

Signed at TOKYO BAY ,JAPAN on the SECOND day of SEPTEMBER  1945

 Mamoru Shigemitsu :Behalf of the Emperor of Japan

. (9;04 a.m.)

Yoshijiro Umezu

By Command and in behalf of the Japanese Imperial Headquarters. (9:06 a.m.)

Douglas MacArthur: Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (9:08 a.m.)Accepted at TOKYO BAY, JAPAN at 9:08 on the SECOND day of  SEPTEMBER ,1945      for the United States ,Republic of China, United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, and in the interests of the other United Nations at war with Japan


  • W, Nimitz :United States (9:12 a.m.)


  • Hsu Yung-Ch’ang: Republic of China(9:13 a.m.)


  • Bruce Fraser :United Kingdom ( 9:14 a.m.)


  • Kuzma Derevyanko: Soviet Republic (9:16 a.m.)


  • Thomas Blamey: for Australia (9:17 a.m.)


  • Moore Cosgrave: Dominion of Canada 9:18 a.m.)


  • Jacques Leclerc: French Republic (9:20a.m.)


  • Lieutenant Admiral.Celfrich: Netherlands (9:20a.m.)


  • Air Vice-Marshal M. Isitt: New Zeland (9:22 a.m.,)


 Allied Powers and the Japanese Emperor signed the “Instrument of Surrender” aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2 1945. World War II was officially over.


Background and the robbery[edit]

Dinsio’s accomplices were his brother, James Dinsio, his nephews Harry and Ronald Barber, his brother-in-law Charles Mulligan, alarm expert Phil Christopher and Charles Broeckel. The Dinsio crew was from Youngstown, Ohio and Christopher and Broeckel were from Cleveland. Amil Dinsio was the mastermind of the operation but he worked closely with his brother, James who was the explosives expert, burglary tool designer and fabricator. His brother-in-law, Charles Mulligan was the driver and look out man. The inclusion of Phil Christopher and Charles Broeckel was forced upon Dinsio by the person who clued him in on the score. Dinsio reluctantly took Broeckel along as muscle only, which proved to be a critical mistake. He had no skills needed to assist in any other way with the score as he was nothing more than a petty thief.  helped inside the vault to bust open safe deposit boxes. He simply was a look out man communicating with Dinsio via walkie talkie. Christopher played a key role in figuring out how to disarm the alarm. The total stolen from this score was estimated at nearly $9 million.[2] The gang gained entry to the vault by using dynamite to blast a hole in its reinforced concrete roof.

Investigation and arrests[edit]

While the burglary itself was executed perfectly, the thieves made the mistake of perpetrating a similar crime back in Ohio a few months later. The FBI linked the two burglaries, and their investigation of transportation records revealed that the entire gang had travelled to California on a single flight using their own names. They also learned of the townhouse used as an HQ, which had been rented by one of the gang members. A search initially found nothing, until the dishwasher was checked. The burglars had forgotten to run the dishwasher before returning to Ohio, and the recovered fingerprints permitted federal arrest warrants to be made. This lead to the arrest and conviction of all the burglars, along with recovering most of the loot as well.

Trial and witness tampering[edit]

Earl Dawson, who assisted the police and testified against the gang was offered money by his brother Harold Dawson to influence his testimony. Earl Dawson was placed in the witness protection program as was Charles Broeckel, who testified against his co-conspirators in exchange for immunity from prosecution. [3][4]

In popular culture[edit]

Accounts of the burglary and investigation have been shown on truTV and Investigation Discovery. Dinsio’s book, Inside The Vault, was self-published in 2014 with the assistance of his daughter. The 2012 movie Superthief discussed Christopher’s knowledge of alarm systems and his role in the planning and execution of the burglary. The incident is used as the basis of the 2019 movie Finding Steve McQueen.


Little Joey Naples ” Mob Boss, Yoingstown,Ohio”

Image result for joey naples

The Pittsburgh mafia’s Youngstown, Ohio crew encountered an embarrassing problem in the mid-1990s. Because of a shift in the area’s government power structure and a loss of its longstanding political, police and judicial ties, the mob in Bomb City USA (a longtime nickname referencing the city’s favored tool of persuasion) had been blown out of their own town.

Lenny Strollo, the Pittsburgh crime family’s capo in the region at the time, controlled all vice in the cities and communities surrounding Youngstown, however couldn’t successfully impose his syndicate’s normal street tax or adequately collect gambling and loan shark debts in the city proper due to lack of law enforcement protection. It was becoming a serious problem and substantially cutting into his bottom line. By 1995, Strollo and his crew were practically completely shutout of earning within the actual city limits of Youngstown.

A police raid of a Super Bowl party at an underground casino in the area punctuated the issue. In the city’s heyday, the whole town was “on the arm.” The idea that a mobbed up business could be raided by the local authorities was laughable. Times had changed for the worse for the mafia in Youngstown.

Strollo’s answer? Buy his way back into power. Using John Chicase, an odd mix of hard-charging cop, political campaign strategist and mob enforcer, as a facilitator, Strollo reached out to Phil Chance, a former police detective and deputy sheriff, planning on running for Mahoning County Sheriff and offered to financially stake his bid for office in exchange for a ticket back into the Youngstown rackets. You know, the ones that up until a few years prior Pittsburgh’s good fella contingent had a steel-toed boot-wearing foothold in dating back several decades.

Chicase was a first cousin to Strollo’s No. 1 gambling lieutenant, Lawrence (Jeep) Garono and ominously warned Chance, whose campaign he was helping head and coordinate, “If you accept his offer, you’re signing your soul away to the devil.”

Unfazed, Chance told Chicase to set up a meeting with Strollo. The meeting was held around the 1995 Christmas holiday at Chance’s residence. The two parties broke bread and commenced a relationship that would allow Strollo and the Steel town mob to reestablish its’ status back in the Youngstown underworld for a short while until the whole regime came crashing down to the ground, never to reemerge again.

Strollo was raised in Youngstown, rising through the city’s mob under Vincent (Brier Hill Jimmy) Prato, the Pittsburgh mafia’s capo in the Mahoning Valley for 25 years. Cementing a reputation as a big money maker, Strollo oversaw the hugely profitable All-American Club, a multi-million dollar backdoor casino empire dubbed the biggest in the U.S. by the FBI at its height in the 1970s and 80s.

Inducted into the Pittsburgh mafia by Pennsylvania Godfather Mike Genovese (died 2006) alongside his rival Joseph (Little Joey) Naples in a 1987 ceremony – with both men being sponsored by Prato –, the pair failed to coexist in the years to come.

Shortly after the 1987 making ceremony, Prato retired and handed over the reins to his operation to Naples, much to Strollo’s chagrin. According to court records and FBI informants, in 1991, with Strollo, locked up for a short stint on a gambling offense and worried that Little Joey would pounce on his rackets while he sat in jail, either him or somebody close to him arranged Naples’ murder. When he got out, Genovese sent word to Strollo that he was the new capo of the Pittsburgh mob’s Youngstown crew.

Jeep Garono was taped telling a local bookie, “Joey’s gone, we’re taking over, we’re in charge now,” in August 1991.

At first, Strollo continued Prato’s previously-negotiated “pay-for-play” deal with incumbent Mahoning Valley Sheriff Ed Nemeth (in office from 1984-1996). Then, the deal fell apart and Nemeth shunned Strollo and his wiseguy cronies. The fact that no-nonsense Randall Wellington became the city’s Chief of Police in 1990 didn’t help matters: Wellington was unable to be corrupted and repeatedly rebuffed attempts by Strollo to bribe him.

So, with Chance, Strollo saw his chance to get back into the game – funneling roughly $50,000 into Chance’s campaign, catering his fund-raising events by getting an indebted caterer to feed his potential donors for free and after Chance unseated Nemeth in the 1996 election, sending him and Chicase on a victory trip to Atlantic City. Once he won the election, Chance named Chicase in charge of the Sheriff Department’s Vice Unit – basically in charge of policing Strollo’s crew.

Strollo and the Pittsburgh mob were back in business. Now, with the Sherriff Department’s support and muscle, “Lucky Lenny” was the mob king of Youngstown again. He could send his soldiers on their collection routes unafraid to be collared, he could have Garono run his various gambling spots with the knowledge that they weren’t going to be raided. Also, if extortion targets were balking or weren’t coughing up substantial tribute, Strollo could order Chicase to shut down their businesses as an enforcement tactic.

Another fresh angle Strollo played in his rediscovered role as rustbelt mafia boss was delving into the area’s African-American gangland community, recruiting a number of eager black goons to work at the auspice of the mob in their neighborhoods. Chief among these newly-found urban foot soldiers was Jeff Riddle, an ambitious and flashy street thug who outwardly proclaimed that he was on his way to becoming the first black man ever “made” into the Italian mafia.

Using Riddle and a confidant and lieutenant of his named Bernard (Bernie the Jew) Altschuler as his conduits to the black gangster scene, Strollo opened up shop on a new set of rackets, while taking home sizeable chunks of cash from a series of “high-roller” dice games Altschuler ran in Riddle’s territory and Riddle-led shakedown scams (Bernie the Jew and Strollo had been gangland running buddies as far back as the early 1960s).

Strollo’s arrogance wound up being his downfall.In 1996, he was so confident in his stranglehold on the Youngstown establishment, he began ordering mob hits like he was ordering pizza. His decision-making process could be accurately described as reckless. Mob associate and strip-club owner Larry Sisman: killed in March.Former prosecutor and mob attorney Gary Van Brocklin: survives being shot in failed gangland-style hit in April.

Aspiring Youngstown mafia don Ernest (Big Ernie) Biondillo, Little Joey Naples former right-hand man, Sisman’s “backer” and a hard-headed goombah Strolled described on a FBI wiretap as “not having respect for anyone or anything”: killed in a hail of shotgun fire as he drove to work in August.  Recently-elected Mahoning County Prosecutor Paul Gains, an upset-winner in the election who refused to come in line under Strollo’s thumb: shot multiple times but survives ambush on Christmas Eve outside his home.

The FBI responded with an assault of its own: saddling Strollo and his crew with a RICO indictment in late 1997. In early 1998, one of Strollo’s hit men, George Blair, an associate of Riddle’s, was arrested for the Biondillo murder following his pawning Biondillo’s diamond-encrusted pinky ring with the letters “EB” embedded in the stone.

Blair’s arrest was the first domino to fall. He and two other assassins from the Biondillo hit team agreed to plead guilty and testify against Strollo. Jeeps Garono and Strollo’s younger brother Danny, a key henchmen of his, followed suit.

Lenny Strollo himself did the math – it didn’t take a rocket scientist – and joined his friend Jeeps and his baby bro Danny on Team America. He flipped, testified against a series of fellow mobsters, corrupt cops (see Chance and Chicase) and politicians and entered the Witness Protection Program. Strollo, 85 years old today, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and has been free since 2012.

The Pittsburgh mob and it’s Youngstown crew are history. Riddle and Altschuler never cooperated and both died behind bars. Blair was just sent back to prison earlier this year on the heels of a drug-dealing conviction.

The irony that Riddle and Altschuler weren’t willing to rat, while their superiors in the mafia did and testified against them in court, didn’t escape those left behind in the dying gangster breeding ground that was Youngstown at the dawning of the New Millennium.

“These Dagos snitch on each other, the only ones not to cop a plea and point a finger are two shines (Riddle and his nephew) and a Jew (Altschuler),” an unidentified wise guy was recorded commenting. I couldn’t believe there was a place as corrupt as Mahoning County,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Julia Stiller said as she left Judge O’Malley’s courtroom. Based in Washington, D.C., Stiller travels the country assisting in organized-crime prosecutions. She vividly remembers the first time she traveled to Youngstown with Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Morford, who pointed out the different areas controlled by the Mafia.

“That was why malls didn’t go in or projects didn’t get done, just on the fact that [the mob] always owned everything,” Stiller says. “In other cities, maybe they have some of it. But they didn’t have the whole thing.”

“In Youngstown, they did.”

My Kind of Crime Town
When Lenny Strollo testified at the federal courthouse, he was only a few miles from where the old Hotel Statler used to stand. The hotel earned a degree of infamy in 1928, when Cleveland police broke up what was the first known meeting of the Mafia’s national bosses.Lonardo,

One of the topics on the agenda at that ill-fated meeting was the brutal Corn Sugar War, a familial feud of the late 1920s that left eleven local mobsters dead. The city’s first mob boss, “Big Joe” Lonardo, rose to that position by controlling the flow of corn sugar, a key ingredient used by bootleggers. But his monopoly of the corn sugar business was threatened when the Porrello brothers moved here from Sicily. The Porrellos asked to have a meeting with Lonardo, but when he arrived at a barbershop, two gunmen appeared from the back and opened fire, killing Big Joe and his brother, John Lonardo. The ambush flashed into Cleveland’s first mob war, which left four Lonardos and seven Porrellos dead.

One of the soldiers in that war was a teenaged Angelo Lonardo, who went on to take his father’s nickname and position. Nearly fifty years later, “Big Ange” entered the witness protection program and became the highest-ranking mafioso to defect. His groundbreaking 1983 testimony established the existence of a national Mafia network and is still cited in mob-related cases.


Aladena “Jimmy” Fratianno—Tony Delsanter, Cleveland Mobsters.

Born in NaplesItaly, Aladena Fratianno was brought to the United States by his parents, four months later; his family settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Fratianno was smart but disliked school. He began stealing from fruit stands as a child. Fratianno went by the name “Jimmy” because he believed as a boy that “Aladena” sounded like “a broad’s name”. Fratianno earned his nickname “Weasel” as a boy when from running from the police in the Little Italy section of Cleveland. A chase witness shouted “Look at that Weasel run!” and the police quickly attached the nickname to his criminal record, falsely believing it was his alias. As a teen, Fratianno boxed under the ring nickname “Kid Weasel”, but otherwise did not like the nickname and was rarely called The Weasel in person. As a young man, Fratianno became involved in Cleveland’s organized criminal syndicate as a gambler, and illegal casino robber. He married his wife Jewel (Switzer) just before he was sent to prison in Ohio. After he was paroled, he learned Jewel had divorced him while he was serving time-but he later reconciled with her, and they remarried in Ohio. After serving his prison sentence for assault, he helped rob a few businesses to build up cash. He and Jewel (unknown to her) then had a nest egg in their car trunk. Fratianno later said he had about $100,000 when they moved to California. After the Fratianos moved to Los Angeles, he was introduced to Los Angeles mobsters Jack Dragna and Mickey Cohen. After one year in Los Angeles Fratianno would also meet John Roselli, who headed mob interests in the movie industry.

West Coast mobster[edit]

After proving his value as a mob earner in Los Angeles, in 1947, in a large secret Mafia ceremony, Fratianno became a made man in the Los Angeles crime family under Mafia boss Jack Dragna. Fratianno worked the various rackets often with fellow Los Angeles mobsters Frank “Bomp” BompensieroLeo “Lips” MoceriDominic Brooklier and Louie Piscopo. Fratianno was also heavily involved in several mob murders, including the famed 1951 murders of the “Two Tonys”, Tony Broncato and Tony Trombino on Ogden Street in Hollywood. Fratianno also helped execute both Mickey Cohen’s enforcer Frankie Niccoli and Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe casino owner Louie Strauss (Russian Louie) for Las Vegas casino hotel owner Benny Binion. Strauss was attempting to extort money from Binion, so Binion had the Los Angeles crime family kill Strauss. In 1952, after these murders, and because he was earning money for the mob, Jack Dragna promoted Fratianno to caporegime. After Dragna’s death in 1956, attorney and mob capo Frank DeSimone became the new boss of the Los Angeles crime family. Fratianno quickly became dissatisfied with DeSimone’s leadership and in 1960, after serving a 6​12 year sentence for extortion, Fratianno transferred to the Chicago Outfit. This transfer to Chicago was authorized by John Roselli and Chicago boss Sam Giancana. Fratianno still lived in California, and remained active in mob circles in California, Las Vegas, and Reno, He remained closely associated with mobster Frank(Bomp) Bompensiero. During the 1960s, while still on parole, Fratianno and his wife Jewel started their own successful trucking company. Jewel officially owned the company, while Fratianno was the actual manager. Fratianno Trucking business did well for several years, until the Fratiannos ran afoul of PUC regulations while building a freeway in El Centro, California in 1966. In San Francisco, Fratianno also met famed attorney Joseph Alioto and his trucking business later obtained several loans from the bank Alioto had founded. Fratianno also attempted several times to build, own, or obtain a share in a Las Vegas casino, including the Tally Ho Hotel-which later became the Aladdin. Due to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, those casino efforts failed each time. During this time period, the FBI was constantly monitoring his and Frank Bompensiero’s movements. After hedging for many months, Fratianno started providing inside information on organized crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In exchange for this information, Fratianno received less scrutiny from law enforcement along with a small amount of money, a total of $16,000. Fratianno’s early FBI information was of limited value and never helped convict anyone. In 1976, when L.A. mob boss Dominic Brooklier was sent to prison, the Los Angeles family offered Fratianno the opportunity to become the co-acting boss with Louis Tom Dragna, so he rejoined the L.A. mob, transferring from the Chicago Outfit.

International connections[edit]

Fratianno was known to have global connections. One such connection was with Australian organised crime figures. In 1976, Australian criminal Murray Riley met with Fratianno in San Francisco, allegedly, to organize drug shipments.[1][2] The same year, Sydney businessman Bela Csidei also met with Fratianno in San Francisco.[3][2] The FBI took photographs of this meeting.[4]

Fratianno also associated with Australian/Hungarian transport magnate and managing director of Thomas Nationwide Transport (better known as TNTPeter Abeles.[5] Through Fratianno’s connections with Teamsters and Longshoremen’s unions, particularly with Rudy Tham, a San Francisco Teamsters leader, Abeles was able to use his company to smuggle drugs in and out of the USA,[5] as well as reduce industrial tensions on the waterfront.[6]

Acting Boss[edit]

Joseph Jasper” Fats Aeilo”

Fratianno (left)  , Frank Bompensiero, Tony Delsanter, and Cadillac Charlie.

A list of the confirmed murders that Fratianno committed.

  • Frank Niccoli – Niccoli was a bodyguard and collector for mob boss Mickey Cohen. Following Jack Dragna’s orders, Fratianno tried to convince Niccoli to leave Cohen and join Dragn’a mob, but Niccoli refused. In a few minutes, Fratianno and Joseph Dippolito strangled Niccoli to death.[14] (1949)
  • Frank Borgia – Borgia was a Los Angeles winemaker/former bootlegger and was a member of the Los Angeles crime family, according to Fratianno. Borgia was resisting an extortion attempt from Gaspare Matranga and Dragna. Bompensiero and Fratianno had a friend of Borgia’s bring Borgiato to a house. Then Fratianno and Bompensiero strangled Borgia with a rope and other mobsters buried him.[15] (1951)[16]
  • Anthony Brancato – Brancato and his criminal associate Tony Trombino were two young mobsters who were performing robberies in Los Angeles and Las Vegas without the sanction of the Los Angeles family. Jack Dragna told Jimmy Fratianno they needed to be “clipped”, and asked Jimmy to set “something up”. Within a few days, Fratianno set up the Two Tonys and killed them in their car.[17] (August 6, 1951)
  • Anthony Trombino – see Anthony Brancato.[17] (August 6, 1951)
  • Louis Strauss – Louis (Russian Louie) Strauss was a former casino owner in Lake Tahoe, and a mob connected man who was trying to extort money from Las Vegas casino owner Benny Binion, a friend of Dragna’s. Fratianno set Strauss up by befriending him in Las Vegas, and telling Louis he had $10,000 cash in Los Angesles he would loan him. After driving to Los Angeles with Fratianno, Strauss then walked into a house, where Bompensiero and Fratianno surprised him with a rope, and strangled him to death.[18] (1953)     Tony Delsanter from Warren,Ohio was a Cleveland mobster with the syndicate.

The most influential city in the United States ” YOUNGSTOWN ,OHIO”


Facts That Make Youngstown The Most Influential City In America


Martin Scorcese used so many stories from the Youngstown mob in the movie that he dedicated the film to Youngstown. The tribute is evidenced at the very end of the movie, when Henry Hill picks up a newspaper off of his front porch. The newspaper is a copy of the Youngstown Vindicator.
When people hear that I’m from Youngstown, Ohio, they immediately think it’s an old, worn down steel city run by the mafia. But Youngstown has contributed a lot more to the world than steel and mobsters. This little city of 65,000 which had 175,000 in its prime , sits directly between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, New York and Chicago, has woven itself into the fabric of American culture, history and society more than any other city of its size, making it the most influential city in America.

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1. The University of California was co-founded by a Youngstown native.

The University of California was co-founded by Youngstown native Ernest Carroll Moore. The education building at UCLA is named Moore Hall in his honor.

2. Ernest Carroll Moorewas dedicated to Youngstown.

Martin Scorcese used so many stories from the Youngstown mob in the movie that he dedicated the film to Youngstown. The tribute is evidenced at the very end of the movie, when Henry Hill picks up a newspaper off of his front porch. The newspaper is a copy of the Youngstown Vindicator.

3. The penalty flag was founded in Youngstown.

Sports Illustrated
According to Wikipedia, “The idea for the penalty flag came from Youngstown State coach Dwight Beede and was first used in a game against Oklahoma City University on October 17, 1941.” The stadium where the Penguins play is named Beede Field, which also served as a practice facility for the San Fransisco 49ers.

4. The Warner brothers were from Youngstown.

Auroras Gin Joint
The Warner brothers grew up on the city’s North-side and went on to create what would become one of the largest film production studios in the entire world.

5. Pro boxing is 12 rounds instead of 15.

Sports on Earth
Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini was the WBA lightweight champ from 1982 to 1984. When he was 21, the second defense of his title was against 27 year old South Korean challenger Duk Koo Kim. The match went 15 rounds, at which point Kim tragically fell into a coma and later died from head trauma. Afterward, the WBA changed boxing from 15 rounds to 12, with the goal of boxer safety in mind.

6. Youngstown has the most NCAA head coaches.

For any city of its size, Youngstown has had the single greatest impact on NCAA football. Head coaches include: Bo Pelini (Nebraska, YSU), Bob Commings (Iowa), Bob Davie (Notre Dame), James Farragher (Notre Dame), Wes Fesler (Ohio State), Bob Stoops (University of Oklahoma), Mark Stoops (University of Kentucky), Mike Stoops (University of Arizona), and Jim Tressel (Ohio State, YSU, and current YSU President). Numerous others serve or have served as assistant coaches across collegiate and professional staffs.

7. Fashion designer Nanette Lepore is from Youngstown.

WH Sale
Nanette Lepore was born and raised in Youngstown and moved to NYC to start her fashion career after graduating from Youngstown State University. Today, her designed women’s apparel can be found in all major retailers including Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus and more.

8. The world’s #1 business incubator is in Youngstown.

Business Journal Daily
The Youngstown Business Incubator, which provides incubation to upstart companies based in Youngstown, was recently named the number one university-affiliated business incubator in the entire world. The ranking, which was conducted by the University Business Incubator Index, is based on numerous qualitative and quantitative factors. It was noted by the co-founder of the index that Youngstown startups tend to “survive longer” than those located elsewhere.

9. Ed O’Neill is from Youngstown.

Ellen TV
Ed O’Neill was born in raised in his grandparent’s house on the Northside (near the Dairy Queen on Belmont Ave.) He is the brains behind Married With Children and Modern Family, two of the most famous sitcoms in TV history. He also played briefly for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a back up QB.

10. The shopping mall was pioneered in Youngstown.

After World War II, as more Americans moved into the suburbs, there was increased demand for quicker and more convenient shopping. Eddie DeBartolo Sr. and the Cafaro family capitalized on their already existing real estate investments by offering cheaper rent to stores if they all relocated into a central location. The malls started as long strip plazas, later turning into what we know today. The Debartolo and Cafaro families were the first to scale the aggregate shop center model into suburbs all across America.

11. Arby’s was founded in Youngstown.

The first Arby’s was opened in Boardman township just South of the city by Forrest and LeRoy Raffel, two brothers from Youngstown. The name Arby’s stands for RB’s, an abbreviation for “Raffel Brother’s.”

12. The San Fransisco 49ers are owned by Youngstowners.

Eddie DeBartolo Jr. (above, right), from Youngstown, owned the San Fransisco 49ers for 23 years. During his time as owner, he won 5 Super Bowls, the most of any single franchise owner ever. The franchise is currently owned by Youngstown native Jed York.

13. Phantom Fireworks was founded in Youngstown.

Fireworks dot com
Phantom Fireworks was founded by Bruce Zoldan in Youngstown, Ohio. When Bruce started, he had very modest beginnings and was selling fireworks out of the trunk of his car. Today, the company is the largest fireworks retailer in the USA.

14. Youngstown bred the most boxing champions.

UCN Live
Youngstown has the most world or intercontinental boxing champs for any city of its size. Champions that hail from Youngstown include Harry Arroyo (IBF lightweight, 1984-1985), Kelly Pavlik (WBO light middleweight, 2006-2008), Jeff Lampkin (IBF cruiserweight, 1991-1992), Ray Mancini (WBA lightweight, 1982-1984), Greg Richardson (WBC bantamweight, 1991), Craig Snyder (IBC junior middleweight, 1994), and Earnie Shavers (AAU heavyweight, 1969). Shavers is considered the hardest hitting boxer in history, with a 91.8% knock-out-to-win ratio.

15. Handel’s Ice Cream was founded in Youngstown.

Founded in 1945 by Alice Handel, Handel’s has been ranked some of the best ice cream in America. Notable awards include the #1 Ice Cream in National Geographics “Ten Best” (ranking ahead of Stone Cold Creamery and Haagen-Dasz); and top ten in both People Magazine and USA Today’s ice cream ranks.

16. The only expelled Congressman was from Youngstown.

Mark Wilson
Congressman James Traficant was propelled to stardom in the early 1980s when, as sheriff of Youngstown, he refused to foreclose on the thousands of families that lost their jobs after steel mills shut down. He went on to become Congressman, but amid allegations of racketeering and fraud, was expelled from Congress in 2002. He is the only Congressman expelled in the new Union after the Civil War.

17. The most influential Supreme Court case dealing with President powers was focused on Youngstown.

Jenny Mag dot org
During the Korean War, laborers from The Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company went on strike. Fearing that a steel strike would cripple the USA’s efforts in North Korea, President Truman “seized” the assets of steel companies to assure the production of steel. The owners of the steel companies, led by The Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company, sued then Commerce Secretary Charles Sawyer to declare the seizure unlawful. President Truman argued he had the “executive power” to take the assets under war time authority, but the US Supreme Court didn’t see it that way. The opinions set forth in the case, and corresponding limitations of Presidential power, have become the golden standard for what the President is and is not allowed to do. The case is known as The Steel Seizure Case or simply The Youngstown Steel Case.

18. The largest municipal-owned metro park is in Youngstown.

P Base
Milk Creek Park is 802 acres spread throughout the Youngstown area. By the acreage itself, it’s the 142nd largest metro park in America. But the land is sprawled out so far, that if you encompassed all the land around it, it would be 4,440 square acres, making it the largest municipal-owned metropolitan park in America. Sprinkled in that land mass is 30 amazing golf courses. The layout has spawned similar metro park designs across the entire globe.

19. The first 3D printing research lab in America is in Youngstown.

Rapid Ready Tech
The first 3D printing lab in North America, America Makes, is located in the heart of downtown Youngstown, right next to the Youngstown Business Incubator. The main objective of the $90 million facility is to do 3D printing additive research, to determine the best materials (additives) to use to print 3D objects.

20. The Laffer Curve was founded by Youngstown native Arthur Laffer.

Bankable Insight
Arthur Laffer, the founder of the controversial Laffer Curve, was born and raised in Youngstown. The Laffer curve is a representation of the relationship between the level of taxation, and the corresponding tax revenues. At the left end of the spectrum, the government earns zero tax revenues if they charge zero tax rates. However at the other end, if the government charged a 100% tax rate, it would generate zero revenues because no one would work. The curve is used by conservative and liberal economists, to justify their position of whether more taxes (or less taxes) equals more revenue for the government. The Laffer Curve is studied in every single basic and advanced macroeconomics course in America.

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http://stories to tellhttp://CHOOSING THE LIGHT

“A book of great interest” by Rodger Snodgres.

This is a true  story written by ex-CIA agent concerning the cover up of the Oklahoma Bombing of the Alfred P.Murry Building .  The purpose was to get rid of the names and paperwork of our military personal stored at that building  The intent was to save the U.S government millions of dollars it would have cost to pay our soldiers for the ailments caused from chemical war fare used by the USA during the various unnecessary wars created by the CIA and our government. Over 160 people died including children in the building. The stories told include the truth about the massacre at  “WOUNDED KNEE” in Oklahoma AND THE “WACO Texas INCIDENT ” which also killed many Innocent people . 

R.Snodgres stated,For over 20 years, I was an Independent Contractor (IC), specializing in sensitive, covert assignments, as well as bodyguard work. In 1994 I was given the task to blow up the Alfred P. Murray building in Oklahoma City. This job came from an x-US military man, who told me he worked covertly for CIA. I refused on moral grounds. My strong opposition to attacking U.S. citizens on our own soil changed my status from a CIA asset into a liability, a private, Independent Contractor who “knew too much”.

This is a true story about the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s role in covering up the bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, and the secret reasons why, I believe, it was ordered. Afraid to speak up until now, I am very lucky to be alive to tell this story. Hopefully,enough time has elapsed so that I will not be targeted again, for retribution,as so many “whistle blowers” have been before me. May God bless America, and our fellow Patriots who have fought and bled, for her.”

(Please note: At this point, the book is only available as a raw edited e book / pdf)
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Any problems downloading the book, please contact admin@lightonconspiracies.com
The receipt will say ‘Better Blues Review’ 

merrick garland's work oklahoma city bombing dnt sanchez ac_00005024

(CNN)Here is some background information about the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995.

Other Facts:
The blast killed 168 people, including 19 children. More than 500 people were injured.
Timothy J. McVeigh and Terry L. Nichols were convicted of the attack.
The Federal Building was later razed and a park and memorial were built on the site.
The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum has 168 stone and glass chairs placed in rows on a lawn, one for each victim.
Both McVeigh and Nichols were former US Army soldiers and were associated with the extreme right-wing and militant Patriot Movement.The Patriot Movement rejects the legitimacy of the federal government and law enforcement.
April 19 marks two anniversaries. Patriots’ Day is the anniversary of the American rebellion against British authority at Lexington, Massachusetts, in 1775. It is also the date that federal agents raided the compound of a religious sect in Waco, Texas, in 1993. More than 80 members of the Branch Davidian sect died in a fire that began during the raid. McVeigh claimed he targeted the building in Oklahoma City to avenge the raid on Waco.
April 19, 1995 –
 At 9:02 a.m. CST, a rental truck filled with explosives is detonated outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
April 19, 1995 – Near Perry, Oklahoma, Army veteran Timothy McVeigh is arrested during a traffic stop for driving a vehicle without a license plate.
April 21, 1995 – McVeigh’s alleged co-conspirator, Terry Nichols turns himself in.
May 23, 1995 – The remaining parts of the Murrah building are imploded.
August 11, 1995 – McVeigh and Nichols are indicted on murder and conspiracy charges.
April 24, 1997 – McVeigh’s trial begins in Denver, Colorado.
June 2, 1997 – McVeigh is convicted on 11 counts of murder, conspiracy and using a weapon of mass destruction. He is later sentenced to death.
November 2, 1997 – Nichols’ trial begins in McAlester, Oklahoma.
December 23, 1997 – Nichols is convicted on federal charges of conspiracy and eight counts of involuntary manslaughter. He is sentenced to life in prison. He is serving his sentence at the Supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado.
June 11, 2001 – McVeigh is executed by lethal injection. He is the first person executed for a federal crime in the United States since 1963.
May 26, 2004 – Nichols is found guilty in Oklahoma state court on 161 counts of murder. The jury spends five hours deliberating before announcing the verdict.
August 9, 2004 – District Judge Steven Taylor sentences Nichols to 161 consecutive life terms, without the possibility of  .    parole     Referencw ,  https://youtu.be/XnHbyhCkybI?t=2903


Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

The corrugated sheet metal runway at Brady Field

 My buddies and I with our sail-boat docked at the ramp. The village of Gannosu across the bay.

It was May 1, 1953 at  Brady Air force Base ,Japan,   The Cold War was still active and a number of Japanese celebrated it as a Communist Holiday Day.  I was asleep in my barracks when I was awaken by the Base Air Police. After a short conversation,I got into their jeep and we drove to the ramp near the radio shop where I performed my duties each day.My buddies and I had recently purchased a 16 foot sailboat and this is where we had it docked . The ramp lead into Hakata Bay ,where the Japanese once used to takeoff  and land their seaplanes during the second world war . We arrived at the dock to see a single Airman standing there half naked and soaked with water.

The story  is ,Mayday (May 1,) during the cold war , was celebrated as a communist holiday around the world. The communists in this small village of Gannosu  were outside the entrance to the base  protesting and yelling , “Yankee go home” The base was closed  and off limits. Machine  guns were setup around the perimeter to keep anyone from entering to sabotage our planes.

It appears that the airman and two of his friends decided to by-bass the base entrance gate ,and instead took the sail boat to cross the bay into the village to visit their girlfriends .They didn’t realize they were in danger until they arrived at the village and  anchored between two coal barges. They were  less than  fifty or more yards from  the protesters.  outside the gate. The men covered themselves with the boat sails and waited; while one of them slipped into the water and swam back to base. He contacted the Air Police who in turn contacted me.

I had no choice but to take a row boat anchored nearby along with the airman and quietly paddle across  the bay to where the sail  boat was docked.The fog was so heavy that visibility was almost zero. The two men slipped into the row boat and I crawled into the sail boat .They pulled me away from the dock where I could safely set sail and leave the area.

The men were taken into custody and I went back to my barracks. The next morning I met with the Squadron Commander to decide what punishment should be assessed. We decided the men had been through enough and no one was harmed; they learned a good lesson. I marched them to the Provost Marshall’s office on the other side of the base and had them stand at attention in the hot sun for ten minutes until they were soak with sweat.Afterwards, I marched them out of the area and when back to my barracks.

Later that day, I was lying in my bunk when the three men appeared in the barracks with a case of beer to thank me for not having them court Marshalled. My buddies drank the beer. I was a  nineteen old Staff Sargent at the time and too young to drink.

The foolishness and lack of for-thought of these three men almost caused us to be taken as hostages and possibly killed, I have never forgotten that night and still recall the protesters yelling in the  darkness aswe sailed back to the base. I was twenty years old at the time and still think about the danger we were in.  


http://stories to tell

GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP! He loves America and takes no salary. Learn your history. The nazis are the left. OBAMA AND HIS OLINSKY MARXIST  WAYS HAVE TRIED TO RUIN AMERICA. They want to control all speech and shut down anyone who does not agree with them. Their protests are akin to the brown shirts of Hitler. It is sad that these people hate America which gave them their freedoms to spill their hate speech. If you don’t like America, get the hell out. I will help you pack. I am a proud Navy vet and my oath did not end with my honorable discharge. I will always stand for America and I am proud to have President Trump as my commander in chief. Je stands tall for our country and for God. That is why the crazy left hates him.They want to end our Constitution and eliminate God from America and President Trump will not let that happen. Stand together Patriots and stand and support President Trump. He is standing for us, despite all the hate constantly thrown at him every day.The leftists need to learn TRUE American history, not the revised history they . preach. He and Hillery Clint need to be indicted and put in prison. Muelller needs to be removed form the witch hunt and investigated for his own involvement in the  crimes he committed. He was part of the Uranium sales to Russia .

As  a rebuttal to trump for pulling out of the Paris agreement, Obama continues to to find ways to stay involved in the movement to destroy our American  freedoms and our Constitution

In a written statement, Mr. Obama commented on Trump’s withdrawal from the accord. “[E]ven as this administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future,” he wrote, “I’m confident that our states, cities and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.”

Mr. Obama has left office, but he is still doing all he can to promote his agenda,to destroy America. Here he is encouraging states, cities and businesses to undermine the policy established by the president.

This man  underhandedly, autocratically signed America up to the Paris Agreement. That is the way he governed for eight years. He said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and he did so. He flaunted the law and the constitutional limits of his office to do what he wanted. He assumed power that wasn’t his.  Like many other of Mr. Obama’s actions, the Paris Agreement weakened America and empowered America’s critics and enemies. That has been his intent from the beginning!

The weaker America is, the more vulnerable it becomes to being controlled. That is exactly what the radical left wants. It is using the issue of the environment in order to get it. The Obama administration didn’t want to get climate change under control; it wanted to get America under its control! Proponents of deals like this want to control the world. Unless we drain the Washington swamp and get rid of this shadow government ,America will continue as a  misguided nation that existed for the past 8 years .

It’s time American woke up and stopped dividing the nation into losers and winners,but instead make it one nation of patriots ; we will lose everything we fought to become over the last two hundred and fifty years.

EX agent

Why doesn’t Obama shut up and go back to Kenya . He was born there 8/4/1961
a 7.47 Pm delivered by Dr James O.W> Ang’awa Certificate # 32018 7lbs
10 oz 18″: long 6″ wide shoulders Hospital was Coast Provincial General Hospital
He used the name Harrison J Burwell when applying for soc sec in Chicago Funny
no marriage licenses has been found for him and elephant ass Michelle



http://stories of interest


Total crude steel production in 2017 exceeded 1.689 billion metric tonnes, up 3.67 percent from 2016. ​That is an increase in annual production of 62 million metric tonnes. The world’s 10 largest steel producers accounted for approximately 25 percent of this production.

Companies and their yearly productions are listed below, taken directly from the World Steel Association. Their production numbers are indicated in millions of metric tonnes (MMT).

    • 01

       ArcelorMittal SA – 97.03 MMT

      ArcelorMittal S.A.(BME) was the world’s largest steel producer in 2017, accounting for more than 6 percent of global crude steel production. Headquartered in Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal has operations in over 60 countries and annual gross revenues in excess of US $68 billion in 2017.

    •  China Baowu Steel Group – 65.39 MMT

      The largest Chinese producer on this list, China Baoqu Steel Group produced almost 20 million more metric tonnes than the third highest producer. A smaller producer initially, a merger with Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation in 2016 nearly doubled the output for this state-owned production powerhouse.

    • 03

       NSSMC Group – 47.36 MMT

      Nippon Steel & Sumimoto Metal (formerly Nippon Steel Company before a high-profile 2012 merger) is Japan’s largest steel manufacturer, producing roughly 48 million metric tons of crude steel in 2017. Nippon Steel employs over 50,000 staff and is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2012, the newly formed company had almost 61,000 employees. Shortly before the merger, the steel giant won the Fray International Sustainability Award, for their foray into sustainable steel manufacturing processes.

  • 04

     HBIS Group – 45.56 MMT

    HBIS is another Chinese state-owned steel producer, but they are involved in businesses beyond steel production and into global marketing and technology R&D. Their steel production arm employed over 120,000 people in 2017, and they boast on their website of producing over 200 steel products that serve as import substitutions. in 2017, MIT recognized one of their plants as being “the cleanest steel plant in the world.”

  • 05

     POSCO – 42.19 MMT

    Established in 1968, Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO) operates two integrated steel mills in South Korea and a joint venture with U.S. Steel (USS-POSCO) in California. Major steel products include hot rolled steel, steel plate, wire rod, cold rolled steel, electrical steel, and stainless steel products. In 2017, POSCO posted revenues of $53.6 billion, an increase of 14.3 percent over 2016.

  • 06

     Shagang Group – 38.35 MMT

    Founded in 1975, Shagang Group controls assets worth of $26 billion, and in 2017 was number 364 on the Forbes Global 500 list. According to their website, they employ over 30,000 staff members, and produce almost as much iron as they do steel. The group posted revenues of $32.56 billion in 2017, with an increase in profits of 201 percent from the year prior.

  • 07

     Ansteel – 35.76 MMT

    Angang Steel Co. Ltd. (Ansteel) is the second-largest Chinese state-owned steel producer. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Anshan, in northeastern China, the company had operating revenues of $26.21 billion in 2017. Although impressive, Ansteel saw a harsh drop in profits, down $1.297 billion that same year.

  • 08

     JFE Holdings – 30.15 MMT

    JFE Holdings Inc. (TYO) is the parent company of JFE Steel Corp., one of the world’s largest integrated steel producers. Operating two major steelworks in Japan, JFE Steel was formed in 2002 as a result of the merging of NKK and Kawasaki Steel Corp. The company is actively traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. They produce all manner of steel products, from steel sheets and stainless steels to less conventional products like iron powders.

  • 09

     Shougang Group – 27.63 MMT

    Based in Beijing, Shougang Group was founded in 1919 and is still a top contender in the Chinese steel market, even operating an iron mine in Peru (the only iron mine in the country).  They are majority owned by the Government of Beijing, which probably did not  like the -13.5 percent loss in revenues experienced in 2017. Despite the revenue drop, the group still turned a profit of $3.3 billion, employing over 139,000 people.

  • 10

     Tata Steel – 25.11 MMT

    Tata Steel (formerly Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited) is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Established in 1907, Tata Steel had a great 2017 with revenues up 30 percent. With operations in India, the company employs around 75,000 staff members across five continents. As of summer 2018, Tata Steel is the largest steel producer in India.

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