January 20 2017 A new Commander and Chief took this country by surprise and became the 45th president of the United States. The unexpected had happened, The Washington Establishment had been challenged and a new regime had moved in. Washington politicians, both republicans and democrats who had found a home for as many as 40 years were now worried. What will happen? , what can they do to keep from being kicked out of office?. Many on the left who hated Trump didn’t realize how strong the nation felt about changing the environment and atmosphere of American politics.

They couldn’t believe the Clinton regime had lost their power. It is now   six months later , the snowflakes and cry babies who were so confident of winning the election continue to try and find excuses as to why they lost. How stupid can these people be?. 

Apparently they couldn’t read the signs, Americans were finally fed up with the bureaucrats and politicians going to Washington and lining their pockets with money from the lobbyists. Their loyalty gave way to  lies,greed and dishonesty,Their sole desire was to have a secure jog,get reelected and remain in office.. It was  obvious after 50 years of   failed leadership that Americans finely began to realize they were being used, and  wanted change.  There were many reasons why Trump won the election, Thousands of Democrats crossed over because of  the policies Hillery represented and her past history as a politician.  Hillary Clinton blames everyone but her self; she  didn’t realize Obama was not as loved and adored as he thought he was.

The blacks saw through Obama when he tried to portray himself as a product of slavery and acted like one of them. He was brought up a Muslim,with a white mother and Kenyan father. All along he was looking for their votes to assure his so called fake legacy would remain.  I actually believe he didn’t care if Clinton won, as long as the Democratic party  continued to rule.  He is a Globalist with a need for power and wants open boarders between Canada and Mexico to create a  North American Union such as  Europe..Americans wanted jobs and higher wages, all they received was hot air with candy coated words, and deceit.  Disgust became distrust and the end result was Trump being elected. You can blame Comey,Wiener,the Russians and everyone else but the truth is what really happened. ..American got a stomach full of lies and rebelled.

  Trump is on the right tract, He is doing what he said he will do ; that’s why he is hated and wanted out of office. The liberal left is out to get him. He is our last hope to save America from the globalist. bastards. We must pray he succeeds. Think heavily before you go against his wishes,work with him and give him a chance,we have everything to loose including our freedoms and our  country.


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