• Confidence Is necessary for agreeable relations with our fellow men. Those who have no confidence in others should not expect others to have confidence in them.

  • Confidence is one of the most important traits of character from the standpoint of securing happiness or of business success.

  • It is impossible for a man to obtain happiness when his heart and mind are filled with suspicion,or distrust.

  • It is also impossible for him to attain business success if he has doubts and misgivings as to the honesty and intentions of all with whom he transacts business. The more people can trust, the greater their success  will be.

  • Confidence is another virtue that must come from consistent and steady adherence to right principles.

  • Confidence requires courage to trust ourselves and courage to trust others, Poise,peace of mind, good manners, strength of character,and many other minor traits are based upon confidence in ourselves.

  • Confidence in our fellow man can only come can only come through confidence in ourselves ,and this cannot possibly endangered without a feeling of confidence in the Supreme Being who alone gave us power to think,feel,or act.


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