Honor is the quality that inspire a man to be to have high principles and and the reason to perform the right and just ways to live his life. Honesty is inspired by outside influences and family teachings while honor is one of the personal qualities for building manhood . It is essential to places of trust and confidence in the business world.

Loyalty is one of the most desirable qualities to be found in a individual, Our first loyalty above all is loyalty to God ,country, to our homes and to our self-respect.   These qualities can never conflict with each other if we are thinking along  just and  honest lines. Our loyalty also belongs to our loved ones and our communities; last but not least to the whole of mankind.

Loyalty does not condone wrongdoing or attempt to minimize its punishment.Loyalty remains a friendly and helpful hand to adversity or time of trouble, regardless of the individual’s own part in bringing about such situations.  Loyalty to principals should only change when when higher or better principles are available as substitutes . 

One should be sincerely loyal to his employers and give them more then a fair return for compensation received. Every business institution must make a profit on each employee to justify his retention, for it is the profit made by employers that alone justify  continuing business.

 Common sense is essential in all walks of life , in the home, in the family ,in the community, in dealing with our friends and   in social ,political and business activities.Common sense can probably best explained by saying it means giving fair play and a square deal to everybody,including yourself.  

Courage is a quality that enables men to willingly give up their lives for things they know to be right. There are three kinds,moral ,mental,and physical courage. Physical courage is desirable as physical fear makes happiness impossible, but mental and moral courage are far more important.Mental courage has to do with wisdom and moral courage has to do with right and wrong and is covered by ethical standards.

These statements are taken from a book called “CODE OF ETHICS” written by H.B.MONJAR for the MANTLE CLUB . The articles start in 1934 and continue through 1938.

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