Do you know about James (Vinnie D) DeNiro?

Jame DeNiro died  as he started his car which  was connected with a wired bomb. The intensity of the attack was so severe that even the impact of the explosion shattered the nearby 20 houses and premises as reported by the press during that time. He died at an early age of 39 and the entire gangland slaying remains a mystery till date. His name is still highlighted at the top 5 list of the Cleveland crime family.

Do you know about James (Vinnie D) DeNiro? He was one of the most notorious figures that controlled the entire Mahoning valley in the early 1950s and 60s.Born in 1922 James (Vinnie D) DeNiro, was known to be connected with other dangerous and cruel guys who were implicitly or explicitly linked to the Cleveland crime family.

During his hey-days, he was involved with questionable business activities and some of the businesses that he owned included Dry men`s social club and Cicero restaurant. He used this opportunity to plot several crimes and acts of cruelty. Little was known about this young charismatic underworld figure until early 1950s when he entered the public limelight by engaging in several crime rackets. During this mid century, DeNiro developed a bitter rivalry with Joseph Naples popularly known as Sandy who was one of the top mob associates in Ohio.

In the early 1960s, he was undoubtedly the kingpin of the Mahoning valley after the demise of Sandy Naples and his girlfriend. Sandy was shot-gunned with his girlfriend while his brother died the following year after a severe car bombing. Upon this incident James (Vinnie D) DeNiro offered himself to the authorities where he was interrogated for the murder of Naples but was later set free due to lack of sufficient evidence.

A fortnight later, James (Vinnie D) DeNiro`s life was cut short following a severe car bomb. This was was a real crime kingpin.

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