Judge Ronald Rice of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court sentenced Nasser Hamad to life in prison with parole eligibility after 36 years last week . He was charged in the shooting deaths of two at Hendrickson’s  Howland home in February.

When giving out the sentence, Judge Rice noted the “juvenile exchange “ on social media that led to to the fatal confrontation.It is unfortunate that after 47 years of dedicating your life to your family ,you allowed such foolishness to reduce you to such a state, the judge said.” Your severe overreaction to the melee from which you escaped is what brought you to this point in life and this courtroom today. 

Past is prolog: Audio recordings of a protection- order hearing   on Oct.5,2016 of  former  business pardner, Chris Sullivan   shows the aggressive and punitive way Hamad, then 47 handled himself.  Magistrate Patrick McCarthy approved a five year protection order against Hamad to have no contact with Chris Sullivan. McCarty stated Hamad acted like a 13 year old who wants to get into fights with somebody who does things he doesn’t like.

Despite McCarthy’s words Hamad became embroiled in a dispute with Brian Hendrickson and his sons Bryce 19 and Dylan 16 . The Hendrickson dispute came to a broil Nov 6 2016 . it was over Tracy Hendrickson leaving her husband in late October and moving in with Hamad in February.

Thirteen months later Nasser Hamad with his Childish attitude and inability to make rational decisions was unable to get passed the unfortunate confrontation  that occurred at his house. He claimed he noticed a smirk on the face of one of the men and  tackled him to the ground. The deadly gunfire followed,with Hamad getting a gun from his house and shooting at the men  as they prepared to leave, he then went back into the house and reloaded his gun and  continued shooting at the men.

Bryce and Hamad posted over 80 messages on Facebook to each other. The post from each side were filled with vulgar language and threats. The resulting gunfire killed Haber and Williams and injured Trent Vokes and Bryce Hendrickson,  cousins of Hendrickson.  Shively had a grazing wound to his back.

There is more to this story which led up to the final out come of three families involved in a sad ending ,that left three people injured and two dead.


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