The industrial revolution and economic growth experienced in Youngstown in the early 1950s was unprecedented. It was the perfect situation for Italian mafia to successfully grow in that region of the country, because the economy was robust and workers could easily get extra cash which they mainly used to boost their gambling activities.

The Italian mafia thrived in Ohio city right from mid 1950s and their impact can still be felt till today. Youngstown is located centrally between   Cleveland,Chicago , Pittsburgh, , and New York.

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An immediate impact made by the mafia were characterized by high profile assassinations, and an uncontrollable increase in the level of corruption. Although Youngstown did not originally have mafia families of its own, majority of the mafia influence it experienced came solely from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. This brought an era of violent acts, bombings and murders. The Pittsburgh family was one of the first mafia in the Ohio racket and it’s capo Vincenzo “Jimmy” Prato made a name for the family. This was possible only because their only existing competing family, the Cleveland crime family and its mobsters were imprisoned in 1988 shortly after the death of their top member Danny Greene. Vincenzo later died that same decade and was replaced by Joey Naples.

Joey’s era was largely successful with all the gambling operations he engaged in bringing the crime family so much profit. His successful era however ended with his tragic death on August 19 1991, where he was shot by a sniper from a long range. FBI investigation reports linked the murder to Lenny Strollo; a mobster whom Joey had operations with during the early 1960s.
The inner components of these once great mafias are still existent to date and their operation are well protected unlike in the early 1950s where they were publicly executed.



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