A Soldato (Italian for soldier)is the lowest of the formal Mafia hierarchy ,both in America and Sicily. However a soldier is much greater in rank and prestige than any ordinary associate of the crime family. In order to become a soldier, the primary requisite of an associate is to become a made man. The promotion to the rank of soldier is a tremendous step up in the hierarchy from the associate level.

Once inducted into the Mafia, a soldier’s main responsibility is to earn money and kick a portion of his profits up to his capo regime(also known as a capo)They also serve as muscle of their crime family. Like an associate he can also be relied on to commit acts of intimidation,threat,violence and murder.As a made man he is bound by the Mafia code of Omerta  and must serve loyally for life.Since the soldier is a made man, he is considered untouchable in the criminal underworld.f another mobster wants to kill a soldier,it is compulsory that he get permission from the soldier’s boss. Killing a soldier without getting the boss’s permission is considered taboo in mob circles and can lead to the perpetrator of the murder getting killed himself.A soldier must vow to stay loyal to the Mafia for life and earn his superiors money. When he is called for by his superiors, he must oblige without reservation. He must also never cooperate with the authorities in any way and must serve out prison sentences without complaint. In exchange for their loyalty, they have full access to their crime family’s protection,power and connections.His organization is also expected to look after his family and sometimes pay for legal fees if he serves a prison sentence.

A soldier must have enough success in his schemes in order to remain in favor with his superiors and avoid becoming a liability. Some associates become soldiers because of their usefulness in strong arm work, but even they must demonstrate an ability to earn money. A soldier will be given profitable rackets to run by his superiors, but they must also generate money on their own. A soldier is respected and treated according to the profits that his rackets generate and the loyalty that he shows to his family. Depending on the power of the family they belong ,they can also receive “no show jobs” (being employed at a job and receiving pay checks without ever showing up to work)due to their crime family’s influence infiltration of legitimate business like construction, waste management ,etc.

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