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GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP! He loves America and takes no salary. Learn your history. The nazis are the left. OBAMA AND HIS OLINSKY MARXIST  WAYS HAVE TRIED TO RUIN AMERICA. They want to control all speech and shut down anyone who does not agree with them. Their protests are akin to the brown shirts of Hitler. It is sad that these people hate America which gave them their freedoms to spill their hate speech. If you don’t like America, get the hell out. I will help you pack. I am a proud Navy vet and my oath did not end with my honorable discharge. I will always stand for America and I am proud to have President Trump as my commander in chief. Je stands tall for our country and for God. That is why the crazy left hates him.They want to end our Constitution and eliminate God from America and President Trump will not let that happen. Stand together Patriots and stand and support President Trump. He is standing for us, despite all the hate constantly thrown at him every day.The leftists need to learn TRUE American history, not the revised history they . preach. He and Hillery Clint need to be indicted and put in prison. Muelller needs to be removed form the witch hunt and investigated for his own involvement in the  crimes he committed. He was part of the Uranium sales to Russia .

As  a rebuttal to trump for pulling out of the Paris agreement, Obama continues to to find ways to stay involved in the movement to destroy our American  freedoms and our Constitution

In a written statement, Mr. Obama commented on Trump’s withdrawal from the accord. “[E]ven as this administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future,” he wrote, “I’m confident that our states, cities and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.”

Mr. Obama has left office, but he is still doing all he can to promote his agenda,to destroy America. Here he is encouraging states, cities and businesses to undermine the policy established by the president.

This man  underhandedly, autocratically signed America up to the Paris Agreement. That is the way he governed for eight years. He said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and he did so. He flaunted the law and the constitutional limits of his office to do what he wanted. He assumed power that wasn’t his.  Like many other of Mr. Obama’s actions, the Paris Agreement weakened America and empowered America’s critics and enemies. That has been his intent from the beginning!

The weaker America is, the more vulnerable it becomes to being controlled. That is exactly what the radical left wants. It is using the issue of the environment in order to get it. The Obama administration didn’t want to get climate change under control; it wanted to get America under its control! Proponents of deals like this want to control the world. Unless we drain the Washington swamp and get rid of this shadow government ,America will continue as a  misguided nation that existed for the past 8 years .

It’s time American woke up and stopped dividing the nation into losers and winners,but instead make it one nation of patriots ; we will lose everything we fought to become over the last two hundred and fifty years.

EX agent

Why doesn’t Obama shut up and go back to Kenya . He was born there 8/4/1961
a 7.47 Pm delivered by Dr James O.W> Ang’awa Certificate # 32018 7lbs
10 oz 18″: long 6″ wide shoulders Hospital was Coast Provincial General Hospital
He used the name Harrison J Burwell when applying for soc sec in Chicago Funny
no marriage licenses has been found for him and elephant ass Michelle


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