I recall as a young boy growing up in youngstown in a mafia environment. It consisted of safe crackers,bank robbers, hit men,and gambling casinos. Many of the famous gangster movies had originated from stories about people in the Mahoning Valley area between Cleveland,Ohio and Pittsburgh,Pa. Famous gangsters such as John Dillinger.Al Capone,and Pretty Boy Floyd had hide outs in the valley that still show a history of their presence. The atmosphere of mafia activity existed for as long as I can remember and was excepted as a way of life.

Most people actually glorified anyone connected to the crime organization.In later years after returning from the Korean war, I found one of my acquaintances became involved in the mafia. He controlled crime activities in various counties in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.   His connections with other organizations extended throughout the country. Eventually after years of involvement in the Mafia Syndicate , his domenence came to an end, He was indicted on Federal charges  and became am informer.

The men he choose to commit the murders of a rival gang  and attempted to harm county officials,contributed to his demise. His associates became government informers to reduce their sentences and each fell one by one like domenos.The local Mafia boss , broke the Italian code of silence “Omerta” and also became an  informant. He went into the Federal Protection Program, giving testimony against bosses belonging to other syndicates throughout the country. When the dust cleared, more than on hundred men belonging to these syndicates went to prison.  

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