The end of Democracy…. Unknown to most Americans a, a shadow government is waiting to take over world. Its called“THE NEW WORLD ORDER.” It is comprised of billionaires from all over the world. It includes George Soros and  a group of billionaires that meet in Brussels Germany each year and make decisions on what is necessary to dissolve the U.S. constitution  and take control of our government. They are part of  the  police state in Washington, which is controlling  the U.S Government. If this happens it will make our President a figure-head, who will no longer make decisions as a leader of the free world.

Free speech will cease and Newspapers will be limited to what news is printed. Social Media such as Face book,tweeter and Google will be suppressed and  and controlled. Facial recognition is being tested in schools using cameras  to supposedly protect our children but instead will be used as a a means of surveillance and control.  Voting will not be recognized and human rights will be limited.

The FBI already has millions of photographs and will continue to gather more under the guise of being a tool  to catch criminals.  Many of the Democrats and Republicans do not know the truth about the people they vote for. Fake news is told to  tell you a different story about the politicians and are trying to convince the public to vote for the existing deep state.

Trump has all the money he needs ,and has taken the job because he loves this country. He does not need the abuse he takes each time he opens his mouth. Trump uses “Tweeter” because he distrusts the media’s fake news  and wants to speak directly to the public. He has made progress on all of the issues he ran for. He disrupted the Deep State Establishment because he will not be a part of their campaign to introduce The New World Order. He too is fed up with our government and the corruption that takes place in Washington. That is why he is hated and they want him to be impeached.

George H. Bush mentioned the coming of the N.W.O during a speech shortly after his election many years ago.  Bush was a member of the Builder-burg and attended their meetings, Bush’s father, an American, was one of the bankers which provided funds for Hitler during the war. Obama,  because he hated America; was behind the attempt to destroy the Trump Election in order to let  H. Clinton win and continue with his socialistic tactics. Fortunately he failed . The impeaching process is also failing. 

 “wake up America”   vote against the left  who are saying they will give you everything free.

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